5 Reasons Not Counter

An offer is a sale, you sold it as you wanted to. As soon as you counter, you have rejected the deal, it is legally dead with no obligation from the prospective buyer that made the offer. In essence, you’ve just bought it back at the price and terms it was sold for. If you are in the market for that type of property for that price, fine…if not you just made a costly oops., Paul

Every situation is unique, and the decision of whether to counter an offer should reflect both the current market for your home and the particular offer that is presented. However, I do believe that the decision to counter an offer should not be made lightly. At a minimum, you should think twice.  (click pic for full story)

5 New Rules of Real Estate

But to be successful in today’s real estate market, you need to understand that the game has changed. MW_full.jpg

Here’s my list of the biggest shifts:  full story

……But now is an amazing time to buy investment property. Purchase a foreclosure or two (or up to 10, if you can find the financing), and focus on how much income you can get each month. If you buy a foreclosure in the Atlanta area for $75,000 and can get $800 to $1,000 per month in rent, that’s a terrific return on investment.