If my home is overpriced, why did I get so many showings ?

When discussing list price adjustments I often get this question.

My admirably successful broker-father oft said “when you overprice a property you take it off the market”. I give more value to the saying now that I’ve logged near 3 decades of experience and consider his economics Masters and PhD work.

If I drive by an unlisted house that fits a buyer customers desire, I have no problem knocking on the door to inquire, but if there’s a sign and I call and its significantly overpriced, well, that owner had better chances w/me had it not even been offered w/sign.

Many agents will show an overpriced home as an example, but the last home in the tour will save “the best one for last”.

There you go, your house is a time wasting guinea pig for you and your listing agent.

Consider getting an appraisal, looking at unsold homes, sold prices, and consider some articles: