10 Rental Home package coming to market

Not formally listed/ not in MLS, here’s a ready to go set of rental homes in good condition with a long history of care and occupancy. Contact for showing and cash flow information.

Acquired Rented for:

149 Linsey Flint Aug-87
3368 Springvalley o/s Apr-88
2715 Eaton Pl Flint Jul-88
2814 Eaton Pl Flint Feb-88
3030 McCollum o/s Feb-89
2814 Gibson Flint Nov-89
3062 Raywood o/s Feb-90
1131 Fulsom Flint Jul-90
2908 Eaton Pl Flint Feb-91
1489 Maria o/s Apr-93

Investment Landlording Concerns

You want to invest but are afraid you won’t get paid. You also realize that a lawsuit against that mean `ol landlord can make the most honest look for ways to sue. Enter the Self Directed IRA.

Lets summarize:


  1. Not get paid
  2. Lawsuit lightening rod
  1. Have prospective tenant get a Section 8 commitment before purchasing investment
    • &/or make offer on property subject to expected tenant getting Sec 8 approval – works with non foreclosure properties.
  2. Invest not as individual but as SD IRA / LLC holding title: actions would potentially be limited to the insurance policy related to that property –
    • Make sure you do not manage the property during occupancy of tenant or when they are home or tell them all the wonderful things you preformed on the property, then liability may be added to you as the one who built the steps


Want to learn more ?

  • Take a look at our Pinterest area for visual charts etc.
  • There is more info on our SD IRA page and FreeRent101.com sister site.
  • Consider attending a local SD IRA event – we’ll attend with you if you wish.
  • Give us a call. We’ll chat by phone &/or meet informally.

MI population rises

If population could increase value of real estate, Africa would be a wealthy area. But as the WSJ notes, you also need job &/or income growth. Will “right to work” help bring income to MI ?

It’s help other states that enacted such laws. Further impact on real estate inventories is how foreclosures are handled. In states such as NY where the bank must initiate a legal case action to foreclose RealtyTrac points out that prices are much more slow to return to growth than in non-judicial (e.g. MI ) states.