Property Tax Protests due for Notice of Assessment increases – Hardship/ Poverty/ Disabled Vets Exemptions

If you need assistance contact me immediately as these MUST be filed timely and complete.ar125236032259088[1]

Things to remember:

  1. New in Michigan – vets now qualify for 100% property tax abatement
  2. Federal poverty guidelines must be the most strict a city/township can use + asset test
  3. The assessor MUST make the guidelines available to you – so you don’t waste your time applying when the criteria is uncertain AND so he/she doesn’t change the rules as the process moves forward….GET THEM IN WRITING, NO VIA PHONE, OR SPOKEN WORD OVER THE COUNTER OR VIA EMAIL.¬† I’ve seen assessors give folks guidelines verbally then change his story at the Lansing level !

Here are some useful links.