Real estate investments – entity selection

Clients should realize pros and cons of the entity they form for their business or investment activity. S corporation? How about an LLC? When planning to purchase several single-family homes … should I form a C corporation? Answering the question of entity choice is best before transactions are initiated, but remain a valid question at … More Real estate investments – entity selection

Leaving your house to the children

For future planning FYI. particularly the part: “….Joint Tenancy:……Another problem with owning property in joint tenancy is that when you add a co-owner to the property as a joint tenant, you lose many aspects of property control. Many parents think that by adding their son’s or daughter’s name to the property that it is … More Leaving your house to the children

End of year tax planning for real estate investors / landlords

Landlord / investors, are you using component depreciation as an option in your year to year tax planning ? If income will remain flat or decline, you may wish to ‘pull’ your deductions back with various planning techniques. Another quick tip, you can increase your ROI by 4+% just by using a different entity to … More End of year tax planning for real estate investors / landlords

Real estate evaluation tools & primer Here’s a nice little primer on evaluating real estate investment options.…/introduction-to-real-estat…/ Clients, if you’d like some fillable templates to automate calculations in the article, let me know. Introduction to Real Estate Analysis | Analyzing Investment Deals Looking for a primer on real estate analysis? Learn about Pro-Formas, Cap Rates, NOI, Cash-on-Cash Return and … More Real estate evaluation tools & primer