Client One on One Session Topics Available:

Free Q n A sit down times are the best way to see where you’ve been, Image1where you’d like to go, and explore options for how to get there.

Our typical consulting times for highest and best effect are NOT tax time. This is largely bookkeeping for an otherwise on-going year to year plan.

  1. Beginning of year sessions we use to plan out strategy and most importantly: timing.
  2. Tax time. Good time to evaluate what you have to work with and how to get what you don’t yet have to work with, as well as entity options and buy sell strategies.
  3. Mid year. We sit down at this quiet time and ‘annualize’ your numbers and to date results. Then adjust, plan, and move forward.
  4. End of year. After the books close its ‘too late’ to grasp some strategies uniquely available at this time. That’s why we recommend 12/10 of each year for a year end review.


We explore with our customer/ client base various tax and other aspects of:

  1. Your first home/ Buy or build/ MI-FL vacation home
  2. Move up/ Down size/ Relocating 101
  3. ‘In-place’ cleaned, rented & managed rentals & tax benefits
  4. Use real estate to pay for college Links
  5. Real estate investing in retirement Links
  6. Real estate investments for cash flow Links
  7. Real estate as tax shelter Links
  8. Use real estate investment in your golden years  Links
  9. Diversify Your Portfolio – Purchase Shares in Private Real Estate Investments  Link 
    1. About shared investing 
    2. How it works

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