Its been a great summer

  • Its been a privilege assisting customers and clients this summer.20160816182131
  • Its not too late … Shall we grab a bite and discuss YOUR situation ?

Fireplace Makeover With Details and Before and After Pictures

What these folks did with a large brick fireplace to make it look more modern is quite exceptional considering neither had carpentry experience (so they say).

“Do you have a fireplace that is an outdated eyesore?  Here is how we updated ours without removing a single brick.Picture1[1]

When to use a real estate lawyer

Well, anytime you want to is the short answer.


Further, most brokered transactions involve standard forms that have been drafted by lawyers. These are the same lawyers that produce materials and workshops the local attorney uses as reference. So do you need a lawyer ?

There are certain client situations that I’ll simply not move forward until and unless my customer/client consults with legal counsel. For privacy concerns I’ll not discuss them here but will chat in general terms with you and share more information to help you in your decision.

One local ‘go to’ real estate attorney I’ve used over the years is (request contact info). More oft than not, I’ll be part of the initial meeting to assist my client in clarifying what we are dealing with.

Working with the same professional over time creates a ‘default’ set of assumptions each have w/ the other, meetings tend to begin at a more advanced point. Its often optimal if you can pick pros that are slightly older than yourself – they will tend to be in a stage of life that you are about to be in.

(Speak to your accountant/ lawyer/ lender/ and insurance agent for specific advise – the following is excerpts from counsel received and not to take the place of paid advisers in their respective field of licensing.)