What Level Are You At?Anibal-Affiliates-Realty-Net-Worth-Waterford-Office-2

  1. take over a task completely, have your own tools & instruct & coordinate others to help you ?…we can start at the best rate w/ base + share of our commissions on closed realty transactions;
  2. work alone staying busy looking for things to do and doing them without having to be asked or constantly needing assistance, give ideas & exchange thoughts ? … we can start slightly less base + share …;
  3. work after receiving instruction, use our equipment, request information when idle so as not to make us have to continually approach you, we can start at a base that will adjust up/down as you reach another level in this list …;
  4. need basic training to get up and running  ?, if you have little knowledge and related prior experiences that would add to our business and you have no new ideas/software/SEO  experiences, we’d start you on an unpaid internship. Once you catch on, then we pay minimum until you can work with little assistance.

  1. See links below, look them over and give specific feedback. e.g.: checklist of tasks we’ve had done previously & tools/ software used.
  2. Fill out ( may be used to complete pdf forms, then return via email ) and:
    • Return by email (pdf to: RealtyNetWorth@ gmail (DOT) com).

  1. Complete this first Interests_Survey.pdf . ( may be used to complete pdf forms, then return via email )
  2. Also complete one of these:
  3. Return via email.

If we decide to work together: