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Do you have your property listed with us &/or other proof of ability to purchase in our Anibal-Group-LLC-Realty-Net_Worth-clean-master-bedroom-freshfile ? If yes, you are ready to start touring properties in your price range ! No? Still want to do some ‘window shopping’? No problem, a small ‘consulting’ retainer gets you going. I’ll apply it as a rebate at closing.

  • Its All About Tools:
    • Want total access to the files? Private Online Portal: YourSpace24/7  is in fact your own online portal, a 24/7 file cabinet. Access your file anywhere so we can work together no matter where you and yours are at. Anibal-Group-LLC-RealtyNetWorth-YourSpace247 seller
    • Like to stay informed? Love them or ignore them. Postings re: What to expect next, searches, valuation comps, tax data & research, mortgage & inspection activity, offers, disclosures, feedback, emails from others, maps,  photos, etc – we share – all right there!
    • Years of experience. Is that of value to you? Walk thru the transaction with someone thats owned homes since age 20, rehabbed, rented, build ground up, and negotiated situations that scare off most. For more, see About or give me your wish list. Anibal-Group-LLC-RealtyNetWorth-Buy-Buyers-Interests-Survey-Standard-Form
  • Ask my how to get a potential reduction in:
    • Transfer Taxes
    • Title Insurance
    • Property Taxes &
    • Income Taxes ………. simply by HOW the transaction is structured. Many times we’ve seen “sales agents” make great ‘sales’ but cost the property owner thousands in lost income tax/property tax/ etc…simply by taking the “fill in the blank – default” path.

In my 3+ decades of experiences. I’ve:

  • Owned it
  • Brokered it
  • Built them
  • Rehabbed them
  • Rented them out
  • Managed residential
  • Managed commercial
  • Successfully property tax protested
  • Set up corporate and LLCs for clients investing in them
  • Studied the history and rehabbing of them
  • Screened nationwide referrals for clients of it
  • And filed thousands of income tax returns for clients who bought, sold, flipped, rented, subdivided, and invested in them (properties).

After grabbing a paint brush as a child to work on dads investments and buying a house in college to rehab, I’ve ‘been there/ done that’. You won’t scare me if you ask how you might move a wall, deal with a tenant, or save taxes.  My experience, methods, and approach is  like none other. I’m honored to serve you.

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