New tax law – new strategies.

Standard deduction – way up. Itemized deductions – far less valuable. Misc employee exps – gone. State/local & property taxes capped at $10k total. Planning point: move expenses to other places or eliminate them because they have less/no value. LLC’s, S-Corps, Partnerships enjoy new 20% deduction. Planning point: How you hold your property investments can … More New tax law – new strategies.

‘Short Sale’

Short sale? – buyers beware!! Meet & Discuss Further <|> Share Your Wish List easy, quick, predictable, a sure possibility of condition of property or title history, etc. NOT  In fact, here are some excerpts from a disclosure for buyers. I think it says it best: ‘…. If you will be frustrated beyond the savings … More ‘Short Sale’

Value: Assessed, Market, ‘Zillow’, Taxable

That’s an ‘uuugly house’. It was my 2nd investment & I was a 20 y.o. junior in college. It was also the highest ROI realty investment I ever had! Market Value = house specific, current, based mainly on aesthetic appeal (new kitchen, wonderful yard, location, etc.) Assessed Value = neighborhood average, historical (old), based mainly … More Value: Assessed, Market, ‘Zillow’, Taxable