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Selling a house: Sellers do you hurt the process?

Selling a house ? Its about 1 buyer, not ‘hits’, not ‘showings’. Meet & Discuss Here’s some of the worst mistakes sellers make. Pricing too high: The big reason I use an in-depth approach model to a pricing range is because I feel is THE Most important aspect of the selling experience. Buyers have had … More Selling a house: Sellers do you hurt the process?

Michigan Principal Residence Exemption

A significant part of any move, relocation, addition of 2nd home, or estate plan involves taxes; income taxes & property taxes for starters. Hence, below is a primer how to not accidentally double your property tax bill, or conversely, overpay if not need be. Definitions: Principle residence: Plan to return after ‘short absences’. Assessor will … More Michigan Principal Residence Exemption

‘Pocket Listings’ Who loves `em/ who hates `em & why?

Isn’t everything done best via the MLS? Lets look. Meet & Discuss Further <|> Share Your Buy Wish List Loves `em: Often seller(s) who want a highly controlled, minimally invasive, & best outcome approach to the selling process… a “rifle style”. The agent/broker who wants to take the time, target the marketing, minimize interference without … More ‘Pocket Listings’ Who loves `em/ who hates `em & why?

Selling: Does the Brady Bunch still live there ?

Good article on selling the `ol family home. Other houses are selling, yours isn’t – but why ? At this point I’ll switch to a quote from the MI Assoc of Realtors magazine article: “….“See, it’s like this,” he says. “The house looks as if the Brady Bunch still lives here.” What he means is, … More Selling: Does the Brady Bunch still live there ?